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My interest in writing about finance is at an end. It’s been an incredibly fun journey over the past 6 years. But the writing has been on the wall for a couple years now, as you can probably tell by the steep drop off in any kind of production around here. I’ve been in a comfortable place with our finances and investments for a long time now, but have never felt comfortable sharing many details about our finances or what you should do with yours.

I’ll be leaving the website up so all the articles up to this point are still around, but there will probably be no new articles related to finances and investing going forward. Maybe stuff to do with the business aspect of photography.

Anyways, I am moving on to other projects.

Photography has always been an important aspect of my life so I’ll be dedicating my time to photography pursuits going forward.

Here is a link over to one of the photography projects I’ll be working on going forward.

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Landscape Photography with the Fujifilm X-T2

No, the business we are starting does not involve landscape photography. That would, in all probability, be a terrible area of photography to try to make money. I’m drawn to landscapes though. When the lighting is right and the sky or vista before me looks beautiful, I’m instinctively drawn to pulling out the camera to capture the moment. Some people need to take photos of animals, or cars, or sports. I’m drawn by landscape. These are some photos I’ve taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 over the past half year as I learn the ins and outs of the camera.

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Enjoying the Present with Added Risk

I really like beer. Like, I really like beer. From light, crisp pilsners to dark, heavy stouts, I love the symphony of flavours, smells, and sensations. The problem is… it contains alcohol. Alcohol isn’t the greatest thing for your body above certain dosages. From everything I’ve read on the current knowledge of safe drinking levels, it seems like under 2 cans of beer per day is what is considered safe for the average person, but who knows. On most days, I indulge in a can of beer or two. Is this safe? I’m not sure. And thus the dilemma: do I abstain completely, knowing that abstinence will cause no risk from alcohol, but perhaps decrease enjoyment in life, or do drink my beer or two a day, enjoying myself with the added risk of potential health issues arising way down the line? Do I value enjoyment in the present with added risk or do I decrease enjoyment but take on no risk? My feelings have sided with the former, but I’m always chewing it over.

Infograph from Adioma.