Judgement Day 2019

So back in December 9, 2015, I wrote about how I was going to try my hand at managing an investment portfolio and give myself until 2020 to see if I could either outperform VTI or do better than 10% annual returns.

Suffice to say, I woefully lagged both of the conditions I set out for myself. Although the portfolio’s return was positive, it was nowhere near the ~14% annual average returns of VTI from December 9, 2015 to today.

As I meticulously tracked my performance every single month, I have a very accurate – and painful – view of my shortcomings. While it’s a shitty feeling to see that I didn’t live up to the goals I’d set out for myself, you have to accept reality for what it is.

Therefore, I’ve decided to throw in the towel early. I will no longer actively manage our investment portfolio.

What will likely happen going forward is that the vast, vast majority of our money set aside for investing will go into one of Vanguard’s Asset Allocation funds, specifically the Vanguard Balanced ETF.

Landscape Photography with the Fujifilm X-T2

No, the business we are starting does not involve landscape photography. That would, in all probability, be a terrible area of photography to try to make money. I’m drawn to landscapes though. When the lighting is right and the sky or vista before me looks beautiful, I’m instinctively drawn to pulling out the camera to capture the moment. Some people need to take photos of animals, or cars, or sports. I’m drawn by landscape. These are some photos I’ve taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 over the past half year as I learn the ins and outs of the camera.

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Enjoying the Present with Added Risk

I really like beer. Like, I really like beer. From light, crisp pilsners to dark, heavy stouts, I love the symphony of flavours, smells, and sensations. The problem is… it contains alcohol. Alcohol isn’t the greatest thing for your body above certain dosages. From everything I’ve read on the current knowledge of safe drinking levels, it seems like under 2 cans of beer per day is what is considered safe for the average person, but who knows. On most days, I indulge in a can of beer or two. Is this safe? I’m not sure. And thus the dilemma: do I abstain completely, knowing that abstinence will cause no risk from alcohol, but perhaps decrease enjoyment in life, or do drink my beer or two a day, enjoying myself with the added risk of potential health issues arising way down the line? Do I value enjoyment in the present with added risk or do I decrease enjoyment but take on no risk? My feelings have sided with the former, but I’m always chewing it over.

Infograph from Adioma.