30,000 Days

Watch this video. Ponder and digest where we allocate time throughout our lives. Would you tinker with the allocations that you allotted? 30,000 days is what the average person is given to live, breathe, and experience this life. From the moment you are born, you have an hourglass full of sand that starts counting down to the moment you will expire and die in 30,000 days.

In the moment-to-moment, micro-level of life, it will never cross your mind that time is literally slipping away incessently. When you zoom out and take a macro-level look at your life, it is all too obvious how many days have already passed and how many you have left. And it’s not an infinite amount of time. If you are around my age, 1/3 of the allocated time has already gone by. Isn’t that terrifying? This has honestly been the single most important thing I have ever realized in my life. It drives all other decisions. It’s a reminder to stripe away all the bullshit in life and constantly strive to focus on what is truly important: family, friends, love, and happiness. It is both extremely terrifying and immensely empowering.

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