Hi. I’ve been waiting. You finally found your way here.

This is my canvas: things that are on my mind, usually businesses I want to analyze and financial concepts I want to hash out. But sometimes, I’ll touch on psychology, science, and whatever else that happens to interest me in the moment.

I once found it difficult to come to grasps with what Kapitalust was all about. I thought I had to pigeonhole myself into some pre-constructed label, like “personal finance blogger” or “lifestyle blogger” or etc. That didn’t sit well with me. And the manic-depressive swings in content volume and style over the years reflected that.

Upon reflection, I realized my distaste for labels in real life had trickled into my online life.

Once I realized that this was an extension of my mind, it all became clear. Like I said, this is my canvas.

I hope you find it all very interesting and amusing.

Welcome to Kapitalust.