Been Busy with a Side Project


It’s been a little quiet around here as I’ve been working on a side project since October and it’s taken a lot of my online attention.

I’m not sure I want to share the side project quite yet… if ever. I’m kind of torn between letting you in on it or letting it be a completely separate project that is in no way connected back to this blog. If there is enough interest, I might consider sharing it. I don’t know why, but it’s just a strange quirk of mine to keep things silo’ed and compartmentalized, stealthy and anonymous. I can’t really explain it.

But the whole reason I decided to start a different online project is because once I realized Kapitalust was more just a place for me to write on whatever I wanted, I didn’t feel any urge to try to commercialize it. I have some ads and occasional affiliate links, but trust me, those barely bring in enough to cover the hosting fees. Those are definitely not making me any positive cash flow.

A lot has changed since July 2013. To show you just how much time has passed, let’s measure it by how much tech has changed in the intervening years.

In 2013, this was a thing:

Google Glasses

There was actually a smartphone that almost rivalled Apple:


And the hottest Hollywood celebrities were using the hottest smartphone – the iPhone 5:

iphone 5

Jokes aside, some time has passed since the start of Kapitalust. While I’ll still be around here writing on things that interest me, I also have an entrepreneurial itch to experiment with creating online properties focused mainly on making money, which this blog definitely is not focused on.

So I apologize for the absence and the spotty coverage probably for the rest of the holiday season. I will definitely do up an interesting post sometime in December on the various stats for 2015. I’ll let you in on how much the ads have pulled in, how many dollars affiliate links have pulled in, and other interesting stats. I’ll even think over sharing some aspects of our personal finances – since this started as personal finance focused blog. I’ll see if there is a balance between sharing enough so that it is interesting but not so much that it leaves me uncomfortable. Be sure to tune it.

4 thoughts on “Been Busy with a Side Project

  1. Those stats posts are always well received by your audience. đŸ™‚

    I think compartmentalizing projects and being discreet are traits shared by many INTJs. We don’t know the long term consequences of what would happen if we share and mix too much of different parts of our lives, so the reasonable thing to do at the moment is to keep things separate until there’s a compelling reason to act otherwise.

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