Fluff Piece

Yes, this is totally a fluff piece. But fluff pieces can be fun. Sometimes, all the serious writing about inflation, market efficiencies, hell even net worth, can become a little much. I love posts where you learn more about bloggers and their personal quirks (examples here, here, and here). So today, I am about to reveal the best 15 photos I have ever taken. I take myself to be a bit of a talented photographer. There, did you learn something new about me? Cool, let’s go!


Long Beach, Canada

Fluff Piece Long Beach

Long Beach is near the surf town of Tofino. Let’s start this photo whirlwind here because this is where I am headed up to for a little surf trip with a very good friend. Oh, you didn’t know? I love surfing.

Garibaldi Provincial Park, Canada

Fluff Piece Black Tusk

We climbed up to the top of the summit, aptly named The Black Tusk. It is a tiny summit that looks like a black tooth sticking out into the sky. The remnants of an ancient volcanic eruption.

Haleakalā, Hawaii

Fluff Piece Hawaii

On top of the world in Maui. We started our journey to the summit at 4 am to catch the sunrise. It was spectacular. At 10,000 feet, you can definitely feel the thin oxygen levels.

Cape Town, South Africa

Fluff Piece Cape Town

In my opinion, the only city that rivals Vancouver in terms of natural beauty. This was my home for 6 months when I studied at the University of Cape Town. The mists rolling down Table Mountain were breathtaking.

Orange River, South Africa

Fluff Piece Orange River

The Orange River creates a natural border between South Africa and Namibia. Idyllic and serene, it was a great spot to spend lazy evenings dreaming the nights away.

Zambezi River, Botswana

Fluff Piece Elephants in a Window

I really love how the bars of the boat created a natural frame around this picture. The elephants fit so perfectly within them. I don’t think I even meant to do this – just dumb luck.

Zambezi River, Botswana

Fluff Piece Follow the Leader

Follow the leader. Watching elephants crossing the Zambezi River was incredible. The intelligence these creatures show is remarkable. Travelling across danger in a line: reminds me of how humans do it.

Tofo, Mozambique

Fluff Piece Mozambique

During a semester break in Cape Town, me and the roommates decided to do an epic road trip from Johannesburg to Tofo, Mozambique. This was a picture I snapped just as we reached out destination after a 1000km of driving.

Cederberg, South Africa

Fluff Piece Cedarberg

Remote, remote, and even more remote. We drove a long way from Cape Town to hike around some strange ancient rock formations here. If you’re ever in Cape Town, I highly recommend driving out here, albeit it is a bit out of the way.


Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Fluff Piece Spitzkopp

This one was fun to take. It was the dead of night but there was a full moon. We took long exposures and were able to get this beautifully illuminated shot of this 700 million year old rock.

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Fluff Piece Cape of Good Hope

I was a bit of a nerd as a child and consumed books like white on rice. I remember reading about the Cape of Good Hope in many of the novels of exploration. Seeing the point I had read so much about was so exciting.

Namib Desert, Namibia


We woke up super early to go explore the desert as the sun was rising. Did you know deserts get extremely cold in the night time? Yeah, it was hard to get up from the warmth of a sleeping bag. But wouldn’t have grabbed this shot if we didn’t.

Namib Desert, Namibia

Fluff Piece Namibia 2

Right after that shot of the moon in the tree, I turned around and saw people heading up to the top of this big dune to catch the sunrise that we had all woken up so early to see.

Dune 45, Nambia

Fluff Piece Dune 45

We raced up the dune so as not to miss out on what we woke up for. As the sun was starting to rise, I snapped a picture of this couple also enjoying the sunrise. Deserts are beautiful and haunting places.


23 thoughts on “Fluff Piece

    1. Hehe thanks – although the price of going around to all these places was massive student loan debt that I had to work 2.5 years and put aside 50% net income to pay off!

      Goto Africa – I couldn’t recommend it enough!!

  1. Amazing shots! You’ve been a lot of cool places, and you’ve got a great eye – though, if you’re anything like me I just take 1,000+ pictures and hope for 3 good ones 😉

    Thanks for the mention, by the way. I love learning about other people outside of the general money framework us PF bloggers generally stay in.

    1. Haha to be honest, for these 15 pictures I too have thousands of pictures that aren’t worthy (imo) to show others 😛

      Ya, it can get a little tedious sometimes reading about the same ol’ thing about money this, save that, pay off debt, invest in the stock market, fear inflation, blah blah blah – it’s nice to see people’s quirky side and get to know more about them!

  2. Dude, you’ve been to so many awesome places!

    Although I know nothing at all about photography, I dare say you are quite talented. Beautiful photos! Especially like the one from Mozambique.

      1. Haha, I doubt it. Compared to Africa there’s too much society everywhere to make beautiful landscape and nature photos. Let me know if you ever make a trip over here! Would be cool to meet up!

        Also, forgot to say this last time: It’s so fluffy!

        1. Dude, the coolest thing about meeting so many (amazing) bloggers online is that you make a circle of really cool people that you can hang out with all around the world.

          I will totally give you a shout out when (because I eventually will) come through Belgium!

          And you give me a shout out if you EVER come to Vancouver I will give you THE fluffiest tour of Vancouver ever 😀

  3. Great pic man. What kind of camera are you using? I’m a camera nerd myself lol. It’s really cool to see that you’ve been to so many places. Nice!

    1. All these were shot with a Nikon D40x I bought back in 2007. I haven’t been as much into photography for the past few years in terms of using the DSLR often. I’ve been exclusively using the iPhone to shoot pictures. Haha ya, I know, the horror!! But it’s so much more convenient than lugging around a camera as big as DSLRs.

  4. Beautiful shots… I enjoy reading your lil tidbits abt each picture. Africa is a place I would to visit for its untouched nature but afraid to go at the same time with their unstable conditions. I should def do the black tusk hike but dunno abt the gruelling day long hike. Maybe one day!!

    1. Haha I am SO excited to know another local PF blogger! Vancouver finance nerds unite 😀

      Africa is amazing. You need to go. Southern Africa is actually very stable and peaceful. The only sketchy part of our entire trip around Southern Africa in 2008 was Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe because hyperinflation was running rampant and Mugabe was killing his political opponents. But Victoria falls wasn’t too affected, besides for hyperinflation. GO!!!

      And the tusk or panorama ridge is TOTALLY worth the day long hike up 😀

  5. Steve,

    Great shots. You’ve been to some amazing places!

    I hope to travel a bit once I’m financially independent in a few years. Would love to see Hawaii. 🙂

    Best regards.

    1. There is so much to see in this world! Hawaii is definitely amazing. I am excited for you about the prospects of your adventuring and travelling in a few years. You’ll have to do some non-dividend focused posts and show off all the awesome pictures 😀

  6. Looks like we will have to go on a west coats adventure sometime. Nice photos my friend, and yes I will post a new blog entry sometime. Maybe I will talk about my hike up in Eiffel Summit last week in Lake Louise as something different.

  7. These shots are amazing! I need to be taking tips from you. I got a Nikon not that long ago and I’m still on the auto setting. How horrible is that?

    1. I’m a Nikon guy too! My kit lens from 7 years ago finally kicked the can in terms of the auto focus so finally got a new lens. I think you need to talk to Tawcan if you want real pro photo tips – I think he’s got some mad photo skills!

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