Resource: Investment Watchlist Template via Google Sheets Version 2.0

free google sheet investment watchlist templateSo I’ve made a minor addition to the original Google Sheet investment watchlist template from last week. I’ve added three columns at the bottom that give you an overview of your opportunity cost alternatives: the S&P 500 replicated through the Vanguard index fund VOO, the total US stock market replicated through the Vanguard index fund VTI, and the 30 year US Treasury Bond yield. This allows you to see how your actual, or potential, portfolio relates to the US market as a whole or to the ultimate risk free investment, the 30 year US Treasury Bond (although some have reservations about them being ‘risk free‘).

With these comparisons, you can decide for yourself if the opportunity cost of constructing your own portfolio is worth it. Unless I can think of any other meaningful additions, I will leave this as it is as my fear is of adding too many data points (there’s already so much) that will make this too daunting for most people. Go grab this free Google Sheet investment watchlist template here and do with it as you please.

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