So, what’s in a name? As I alluded to in my previous post, I’d been struggling with motivation and a sense of purpose. I’m having serious motivation issues right now even though I have a vision of where I want to head with my writing. It’s been like pulling teeth getting going on a re-design, new logo, and getting this post up.

First thing first, what’s with the new name? Well, I choose “The Silver Maple Leaf” because I honestly couldn’t think of anything cleverer. Honest. I felt like it hinted at some vague reference to personal finance, money, and Canada. Little did I know I would be competing with silver bullion sellers on Google.

The new name combines several different themes.

First and most obvious, capitalism. Because all of us striving for financial security/independence/nirvana are capitalists, myself included.


Second, the K in Kapitalust is a nod to Das Kapital and Karl Marx. Not that I am a particular fan of Marx or the book, but I do believe in vague aspects of social equality. I believe everyone should start at the same starting line. And in the end, I envision most of our accumulated capital assets liquidated to help society at large.

K = Social Responsibility

And finally, “lust” is a reference to the word wanderlust. In our case, a strong desire to accumulate capital. But I’m not at all against travelling the world either!

Desire for Capital

Add it all up and you get a kapitalust! That’s what’s in the name.

Now, why the change? Well, I felt a bit directionless after reflecting on the first year of this blog. What do I want to write about? What gives me the energy to be creative? What makes me excited?

I wrote a post back at the beginning of January 2013 titled “Getting Rich and Buying Freedom“.  Yeah, ok, it might have been a little dramatic, but sometimes a little drama is needed to get the message across. My fundamental goal is to accumulate a large capital asset base that spits out enough additional capital to never be concerned about taking risks. How amazing would it be to always be able to speak your mind freely at work without concern about losing your job because it went against the grain? Or how liberating it must feel to have the confidence to leave a well-paying-but-boring-job on whim to take a poor-paying-but-exciting-job?

Financial Independence

How much am I talking about? How much money will it take?  Probably around $700,000 in capital producing assets. That’s the minimum number I want to hit. Obviously above a million is the dream.


And that’s the goal: to save enough money to have at least $700,000 of capital producing assets in a decades time.

10 Years

How will we achieve this? By saving and investing roughly 50% of our take home income. For 10 years. That’s the goal. It’ll be a slog. It’ll be really tedious at times. But great ideas take time to nurture and grow.

Financial Nirvana

So come along on this adventure, this journey. This quest for financial enlightenment will be one hell of a ride.

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5 thoughts on “Kapitalustism

  1. Badass name! I immediately caught the Das Kapital and Wanderlust references! 🙂

    Seems like you have a pretty clear goal now where to head to, both financially and with the blog. I wish you all the best and hope to read more soon!


    1. How confused I was about the name “No More Waffles” until I went to check out your site – hilarious story on how you thought up the name!

      Thanks for the comment NMW. Seems like we have quite similar visions of what we want and how we’re planning on getting there. I’ll be checking in on your blog on a frequent basis!

      1. Sorry I’m not sorry! In hindsight I maybe should’ve gone with something different, but I still kinda like it because it’s weird.

        We do have the same goal, but I’m still looking at how I’ll manage getting to it. That’s why I enjoy reading like-minded blogs like yours. It’ll take me a while though to read everything! 😉

  2. I really like the new name, even though it keeps throwing me off. I had no idea who I was talking to on twitter until I dug back through the posts and realized you were the former TSML 🙂

    I think that this really suits your mission more. Good luck with reaching FI… I am rooting for you.

    1. Haha I haven’t been very quick and/or public about the change so confusion must reign.

      I’ve gotta be honest, I almost gave up on the whole blogging thing, but I think I’ve got some more focus now. Cool to see you’ve been at it for a year too!

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