The Readings have been Piling Up

For anyone wondering, sorry about the hiatus recently. The piles of paper have been slowly stacking up on my desk and I have what seems like an infinite list of things to read. Sometimes, after working and reading most of the day, all I want to do in my spare time is play Starcraft 2 mindlessly for hours. This leaves little time for writing here. I need to be more disciplined. I need to change this. I should probably stop playing so much Starcraft. I’m sure I’ll be back writing (interesting?) things soon.

8 thoughts on “The Readings have been Piling Up

  1. It’s already been like 2 years since Heart of the Swarm came out. I’m looking forward to get back into the game when they release Legacy of the Void hopefully some time this year. Do you have a favourite race to play as? I usually default to random, but I need more practice using Protoss. My APM is lowest with them.

    1. Haha I only play Zerg (as per above). I’m also looking forward to geeking out when legacy of the void comes out. I think I would be a disaster with any other race. If ya ever want to play a game, send me an email and we can get connected on battlenet!

  2. Based on how complex it is to play Starcraft 2 (I literally do not have the processing power to play that game competitively due to how much multitasking, twitch movement and analysis you have to do in real-time), I can only say that if playing it is relaxing to you after a hard day’s work, there is no hope at all for the rest of us to be productive people!

    1. Innerscorecard: you are far to generous with your assessment of this situation! Ha, I strive to be productive but sometimes I wonder if I am being very productive at all (it’s hard to gauge when you have little evidence to go by on what truly productive people do). Anyways, I am digressing.

      I’ve played far too much Starcraft recently. My right elbow is strained. It’s probably a sign that I should take a break from it. It’s so hard to step away though, especially after you lose a game because you go through the reply, see where you made mistakes, and try to correct it. Again and again and again. I swear I am spending too much time on it.

      Here’ some random observations I have made about myself with that game: 1) I get irrationally competitive 2) I play Zerg exclusively because I figure specializing into 1 race is better than knowing how to play all three 3) I used to suck at the game back in the day because I treated it way to much like SimCity and focused on building rather than attacking; I still fall into this habit occasionally, which leads to bad results.

      Well I don’t know what the point of writing all that was, but there you have it.

  3. totally hear you. I feel like that too sometimes, but with a little one – there is always something I need to get done to make sure he has enough food/clean clothes/etc. for the next day. ahhh I wish I could just kick back and play computer games after work, but that is not gonna happen! so I think you should count yourself lucky for now!


    P.s. we had a UK bloggers meet up today. I swapped some home brew with another blogger and I thought of you and your love of ENgland and beer. I also passed on your blog to a few people.

    1. I can’t imagine how busy it will be to try to juggle everything when a little one enters the picture. I think that’s around 3-4 years away so still got some time.

      Ahhh I want a proper English bitter – can’t get those around here and buying cans imported from England only gets you the big name brands – not the small regional varieties. Thanks for the shout out to other English bloggers – will check out to see if viewers from the UK have been spiking recently!

  4. As a non-gamer, I have no idea what Starcraft is. Is it anything like Minecraft or World of Warcraft? Lol. I hear ya on just wanting to veg after a long day of work. I also have a part-time job which takes up a bit of my spare time as well. For me, I feel like watching tv is now a luxury. Sometimes I just feel the need to shut my brain off.

    1. Ha! Starcraft is like Simcity but with armies and fighting. It’s quite nerdy. And I’ve been playing way too much of it recently. Must. Stop.

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