Mental Model: The Definition of Cognitive Dissonance

I recently came across on Twitter one of the most bizarre letters I have ever read. This one letter addressed to Warren Buffett on why this investor is no longer going to be an investor of the company is probably one of the most convoluted and bat-shit insane thing I have read in awhile. I’ll keep it short for you this weekend – just the letter.



I love how the line “We know you have the right to support whomever you want, but…” and “Again, we respect your right to support whomever you wish, but…” are just casually thrown in there as completely dismissive filler.

Listen, I don’t agree with everything Warren Buffett does or believes. I think he made big mistakes in his personal life revolving around his family. I think he has made some blunders by not speaking out on Coca Cola’s executive compensation and even his silence on the Wells Fargo fiasco, for example.

However, I do think overall he is a damn good operator of one of the most profitable and successful businesses in history.

Anyways, I thought you might enjoy some humour this weekend. This election has brought out all sorts of crazy.

I for one welcome this shareholder to sell his shares to me, as I will gladly pick up ownership from him/her in one of the reasonably priced, diversified, and profitable businesses on this planet!

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2 thoughts on “Mental Model: The Definition of Cognitive Dissonance

  1. I like how they mention they’re going to boycott Berkshire Hathaway products, haha. That won’t be easy if they live in the U.S. Even common household brands like Duracell are 100% owned by Buffett’s company.

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