The Power of Asking: The Bluehost Renewal Saga Continues

I can’t believe it… how has 3 years gone by already? It honestly feels like it was just last year that I wrote about how to haggle for better hosting fees upon renewal… I guess I must have been in my 20s when I wrote about that, because I definitely am not in my 20s anymore. Yes, I know I wrote a little reminder to write more back in November and then proceeded to not, at all. 2018 is the year. It probably won’t be focused too much on finances. Anyways, that 3 years of hosting was up in a few days, so I decided to get in contact with good’ol Bluehost to see if you could still negotiate a better price than the sticker price. Come see the chat screenshots.

I fired up the chat box to speak with someone at Bluehost about renewing my hosting. Honestly, since I haven’t been writing much here, I was ready to walk and not renew if I couldn’t get a decent deal. Here’s how the chat started:

So right off the bat, I’m offered to renew on their “Pro Plan”, which I have no interest in and is one of their pricier plans… hmmm I wonder why that is offered right off the bat… (hint: commission).

After I steer the conversation away from the Pro Plan, I’m offered terms on their basic hosting, which isn’t that great either. I also love how you are prompted to make the switch right away.

I’m ready to leave when…

Oh, so that wasn’t the best offer available… funny how there’s a better offer when you are ready to walk.

This was the best available deal for me. I was on the “Plus Plan” but I have no need for it as I am not doing too much right now with this website; if I happen to ramp up later down the line, I can always contact Bluehost to upgrade the hosting. For now, the Basic meets all my needs.

Comparing to the introductory offer:

You pay a dollar more per month. I’m happy with that.

In the end, instead of paying $7.99 a month for 36 months, I paid $4.99 per month.

That’s $108 in savings.

5 minutes shaved off $108 in hosting fees.

The moral of the story is, like 3 years ago, never take the quoted price as a given!

Bargain, barter, haggle, and negotiate a better price.

See ya again in 2021!

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