How to Not Make Friends

I’m just in the midst of going through a thought exercise: if you really, really didn’t want to make new friends, what would you have to do to achieve that outcome?

Well, to start, I’d imagine you’d avoid going to places where people you have never met would be – anything ranging from a big party to networking events. You would strictly stick to gatherings where you know everyone and regularly only use your social time to hang out with friends you already know. And when you inevitably end up in a situation that involves people you don’t know, you awkwardly cut the conversation short after a quick introduction with someone you don’t know.

Next, you’d naturally stick to the same old routines and patterns, never deviating from day-to-day life. Your life would start to resemble a well-worn path. You’d want to become more predictable than a clock. Never deviate from your routines, which should allow you a convenient excuse to avoid trying novel things.

In your overtly predictable and people avoiding life, you would also want to probably sprinkle in a bit of unpleasantness – nobody wants to hang around someone who is unpleasant, negative, and cynical. While this may seem counterintuitive, it is exactly the character trait you want to hone and master: it will help repel any and all strangers.

I imagine this is a good starting point. If you’ve got suggestions on how you could be effective in not making new friends, I really would appreciate suggestions in the comments below.

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