People Search Really Interesting Things on Google

One of the joys of being around the block for a few years is that Google has fully indexed your site. As you see more traffic coming through search, you get to see some of the absurd, hilarious, and sometimes sad search terms people use to get to your website. Often times, you are left with a “WTF” moment when you see a truly bizarre search term that led someone to something you wrote. For some reason, there has been an anomalous amount of these search terms leading to hits here. It’s the weekend. Here are the top three in the past few days for your reading pleasure.



consolation quotes towards somebody who is on the brink of a failure

This one was kind of sad. If you search it in Google, it is the 3rd hit on the first page leading to something I wrote about regarding blogging a year ago. Suffice to say, Google is not quite perfect yet in terms of leading search to the most relevant result (but I suppose the Michael Jordan quote was relevant in the eyes of Google?).


wasted my life playing the lottery

This one was incredibly heartbreaking as the way the search is structured means that this person literally wasted their life playing the lottery. If you search it in Google, it is the last hit on the fourth page and it links to why playing the lottery is idiotic. It breaks my heart to think this person probably needed to have read that 20+ years ago (ironically it wouldn’t have been available for this person to read 20+ years ago, but alas).


sexy hot principle fucked to pay the depth of students stranger

This has got to be my all time favorite search term anyone has ever used to find their way here. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this. My story on paying off my student loans is the 3rd hit on the first page: how and why!?

Soon, I discovered why: even though the person searching this term and clicking on that story was probably woefully disappointed, Google ranked it high because the keywords in that article line up very well with the word used in the search. It probably didn’t help that the person searching didn’t spell principal correctly, but his loss was my joy.


Running a website has its perks, as evidenced above. It truly is interesting how people arrive on your website via the searches they input into the internet.

Can anyone top “sexy hot principle fucked to pay the depth of students stranger”?

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  1. Those are some interesting keywords. And it appears by searching for that first term in Google now, your blog is actually the very first link, probably as a result of you writing this post, lol.

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