Quick Update: Books, Coursera, and Valuation

As it seems to happen often, my interest in writing tends to ebb and flow depending on the seasons. Sometimes I feel like I need to unload all of the things I’m learning pen-to-paper over here. Other times, I’m learning and reading but have little desire to write down my thoughts as I am deep inside my own mind, twisting and turning information/knowledge/wisdom/etc and trying to come to terms with insights.

The beginning of December started with a septoplasty which meant that I was fairly useless for a few weeks. On the note about going through ebbs and flows, last fall was also a period where my interest in reading was waning, to the point that I couldn’t get myself to pick up a book to read. This is pretty major as one of my favourite past times is consuming books.

However, since the beginning of the new year, after sufferring from some sort of panic attack caused by some sort of existential-mid-life-crisis moment stepping back into the “real” world of work after some time off during the holidays, books have stacked back up and I’m currently juggling 4 at the moment, although in reality there are like over 10 books in various stages of completion. I’ve focused on these 4 because I have a tendency to just continuously pick up new books and leave older ones at various stages of completion. One of the four books is the new Tim Ferris book which I received as a birthday present. It’s not something I would normally have picked out myself, however, surprisingly, I’m enjoying the book in the way I would enjoy a good novel.

I’m also taking an introduction to statistics course on Coursera to brush up on all that pesky math I buried in the depths of my subconscious after high school. I’m actually quite enjoying learning how to calculate variances, standard deviations, Pearson’s rR2, etc. I think the course is fantastically run and best of all, it’s free. I’d highly recommend it if you want to learn or brush up on basic stats.

Additionally, I also found out that my application to take the pilot online valuation program through NYU with Aswath Damodaran was accepted and I’ll be starting the program in February, running until mid-May. I imagine a lot of what I write – if I do write around here – will be on concepts I’m learning in the valuation program. Therefore, those who are interested in the basics of valuing companies will find it fascinating. For everyone else, you might be bored.

All this is to say is that I’ve been busy being a nerd and I’ve been in an ebb as opposed to a flow in terms of writing.

Oh, I almost forgot, a podcast I’ve been really enjoying is NPR’s How I Built This. Go check it out.

And apparently I will be closing out my 20s this month, so you might get some long and rambling personal reflection and thoughts – with all sorts of warm and fuzzies – write up that you may want to avoid if you don’t want to gag on sentimentality and personal reflections.

Oh, and I never got around to rounding out the 2016 Year in Review… another thing that might sporadically be sprinkled around here soon.

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