September is for Vacation and Endless Running

Howdy. It’s been a little quiet around here recently. We were on vacation for the first half of September. Combine that with the most intensive training period for the marathon – recall that training graph captioned “OMG WHY” – and it’s left very little in the tank for much else (that 20 mile/32 km training run is coming up this weekend). Anyways, things should start picking up around here again soon as training is going to begin tapering and I go away for another annual surf trip at the end of the month. Until then, make sure to check out these 5 outrageously titled articles:

  1. A Graphical Interpretation of Treasury Yields and Coca Cola
  2. Chocolate Bars, Candy, and Way Too Many Numbers
  3. Sometimes High P/E Ratios Indicate Cheap Not Expensive
  4. You’ll Hate This if You’re an Environmentalist
  5. Is Anyone Honestly Surprised Sin Makes Hella Bling?

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