Case Study: Apple Stock 101 for the Apple Store Employee

Case Study Apple Shares for the Apple Store Employee 1

My brother recently got a job at the Apple Store. One of the perks of working at the Apple Store – not including the discounts you get on purchasing Apple products – is the employee stock purchase plan. Once you pass your probation, you are allowed to purchase Apple shares at a 15% discount up to 10% of your salary per year. I would absolutely love to purchase Apple shares at a 15% discount. Alas, I am not an Apple employee. However, my brother is. He told me recently about how his co-workers were freaking out about the plummeting share price and were trading insightful stock tips such as panic selling shares now before it falls further. Sigh. This case study is for my brother, to educate him on the wonderfully profitable enterprise he has found himself working for, and to all Apple employees who, I assume, have no idea what their shares represent (hint: it is not merely some piece of paper that gyrates wildly in value second-by-second along a ticker). This is Apple stock 101 for the Apple Store employee.

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