Canada’s Real Estate Bubble

Google Trends Canada Filing Declaring Bankruptcy Real Estate Bubble

So I was perusing Google Trends recently and decided to plug in a few terms related to Canada’s real estate bubble and bankruptcy. Oh, hi. It’s been awhile. The nose is at 99% healed since the surgery in December – nose is great, life changing. The eyes are at around 95% healed since the laser eye surgery in March – eyes are great, life changing. Finished the pilot Valuation online certificate through NYU – spectacularly imploded and failed the final exam but redeemed myself on the valuation project to pass the program with high honours in the 60ish percentish final grade range. Since the course ended in May, I have had very little interest in any type of learning outside of casual reading. Time’s been filled with outdoor fun since June. Alright, with the little life update out of the way, let’s dive into some interesting data.

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