Mental Model: Using the Commitment and Consistency Bias to Ritualize Positive Behaviour

Imagine: it’s early Saturday morning; you’re snooze-forever exhausted after intensively exercising for 3 days in a row during the weekday; you need to go stomp out 32 km. Ouch. The good news is you don’t need to run 32 km! But we do. But that isn’t until mid-September when the Saturday training runs get to its zenith. Marathon training has descended upon us. The first week of training is done, with 4 runs in the bag totalling a distance of 24 km… about that one training run in mid-September. I’ve been reading Influence by Robert Cialdini. It’s great. I can see where Charlie Munger picked up many of his mental models in psychology through Cialdini. I’m going to experiment with the mental models of commitment and consistency bias to ritualize behaviour throughout our marathon training in order to hammer home habit formation through ritualization, which hopefully will make the long Saturday morning runs easier to tackle.

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