The Travel Points Have Been Redeemed

the travel points have been redeemed

We finally did it. We’ve used up the bulk of the travel points we’ve collected over the past 2 and a half years on the Capital One credit card I’ve told you about for the past 2 and a half years to redeem absolutely for free 2 round trip, trans-atlantic flights over to London. The cost of those 2 roundtrip tickets were $2,134. Using 213,400 points, we erased the entirety of the purchase. And we still have about 13,000 points left. I think I calculated the net travel value incorrectly last time around: we’ve paid $360 in total fees, but since we get 10,000 annual bonus points (worth $100), the net fees we’ve paid to attain all these points has been $60. I hope that this 2 and a half year didactic exercise serves as a blueprint for structuring your life to uncover and exploit all the delicious opportunities that exist.

Credit Cards Are Geysers Raining Down Free Cash

You should have listened. I warned you to get this credit card once in 2013, and twice in 2014 (here and here). I warned you all about the dangerously amazing benefits of this card. Oh if you heeded my warnings, you would literally be dancing in a geyser of free cash as of this moment. But alas, your chance (with this card) has passed. Sadly, Capital 1 Canada is no longer offering the same benefits and rewards. The signup bonus was lowered from 35,000 points to 10,000 points. There is also no longer 10,000 bonus anniversary points. We got grandfathered from the older, better card and will still get the 10,000 anniversary bonus, but new card holders are out of luck. I almost had a fit of panic thinking that I would be paying $120 a year for this card without that 10,000 bonus. Here is my final review on this card.

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Get Paid to Spend with Credit Cards


I’ve pontificated before about why you should always use credit cards for all purchases and how this has generated lots of cash for us. Now, I’m back to pontificate a little bit more on why you should always be using credit cards for all purchases. If you can manage this well, credit cards can suddenly become amazing cash generating machines.

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Credit Cards are Cash Generators

credit cards are cash generators

There’s a lot of pooh-pooh about the perils of credit cards on a lot of personal finance blogs. To be perfectly honest, if you can’t differentiate between money you actually have and money you don’t, it might not be quite time for you to take off the training wheels just yet. However, and hopefully for the vast majority of you, credit cards can be a completely untapped source of huge profits. I’ve had my credit card for a year and have 119,848 miles accumulated. You wanna know what that’s worth?

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