From the Brink of Failure

Last Monday, I unleashed the beast of a post on 36 bloggers and their investing styles. It took a lot of time, persistence, and energy to compile and polish up that piece for publication. Some of you reading this are probably laughing at how many times I badgered you with emails saying “Hey, just following up on that investing style paragraph – got it ready yet?” Half the battle was summoning up the courage to cold call so many bloggers and compiling the paragraphs. The other half was actually taking the raw material and crafting it into a finished product. Let me tell you a story of how it almost never happened.

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Don’t Fear Your Future

don't fear your future

We can’t see the road ahead. We can’t see the future. No one can. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of what lies ahead. It doesn’t mean we can’t create what comes next.

When we were children, the world was our oyster. We were all scientists, artists, builders. We were never daunted. We didn’t know impossible.

Then as we grew older, the world methodically, both subliminally and blatantly, extinguished this idea.

Conformity. Rigidity. Don’t be foolish. Don’t be naive. Don’t look stupid.

This personal finance blog has been a manifestation of a revelation. It took over two decades to recapture the idealism of childhood. That anything is possible. The past is fixed, unchangeable. The future isn’t.

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