How to Invest in the Stock Market


I’ve been waiting an entire year to review my sample index fund holdings. I started learning about investing in the stock market around the same time I started my student loan repayment. After consultation with those wiser than I, I decided to not simultaneously invest and pay off debt. Rather I chose to focus completely on paying off my student loans. But, I also wanted to put into practice all I had learned about index funds and the stock market. So I bought a small, sample portfolio and wanted to see where it was a year later. Here are the results.

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A n00bies Guide to Index Funds (Part II)

Index Funds

I have something I need to confess: having spent so much time in academia pumping out paper after paper for 6 years, I am really, REALLY good at writing pages upon pages of information. It isn’t such a good talent to have sometimes, especially on a blog. I’m pretty sure most people don’t want to read reams of information; I think most people want the information passed to them as quickly and concisely as possible.

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