Intentional vs Unintentional Living

intentional vs unintentional livingWe’ve been busier than usual the last few weeks due to the annual surfing trip (where I was woefully unproductive outside surfing and eating fish tacos) and preparing for – and running over the past weekend – the marathon. It’s hard to believe we trained for 4 months, and close to 700 km of running, to prepare for that one, single 42.2 km run. With a few days of rest, I’m back to walking like a normal person again. Reflecting on completing this milestone had me thinking about living life intentionally. A lot of times, I seem to observe people living life unintentionally – they just seem to let life happen to them rather than discovering what they actually want, setting a plan to get what they want, and executing the plan. If you live unintentionally, you’ll wake up one day to realize the tragedy of your circumstances. When you have a dream, create a realistic plan to achieve that dream, collect data along the way, and start executing, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. Here’s some musing on 3 recent examples from my life where intentional living has produced outstanding results.

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