A Beautiful 10 Mile Run in Portland

10 Mile Run in PortlandWe were recently in Portland for a little extended weekend fun (summer really has been a lot of fun, hence the sporadic posting around here lately). Portland is like a second home to us by now – we’ve been enjoying being tourists in the city for the past 3 years. The World Domination Summit was going on over the weekend, so it was fun to see all the attendees scattered around town with their name badges and backpacks. We went back in 2013, but have “un-conferenced” ever since. This year, we didn’t even end up going to any post-conference meet ups (we also ended our Guinness World Record breaking streak). However, we did run a stunning 10 mile run in Portland along the Willamette River that has been one of the coolest things we’ve ever done in Portland.

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Sorry for the MIA: Summer is Way More Fun than the Internet

IMG_1987Sorry I haven’t been around here lately. It’s not for lack of ideas – I have so many things I want to write about. However, with marathon training, good friends visiting from England, and summer in general, the internet is on the back burner. Perhaps some pictures will tide you over until I get around to posting something more of sustenance in the future.

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Fluff Piece

fluff piece

Yes, this is totally a fluff piece. But fluff pieces can be fun. Sometimes, all the serious writing about inflation, market efficiencies, hell even net worth, can become a little much. I love posts where you learn more about bloggers and their personal quirks (examples here, here, and here). So today, I am about to reveal the┬ábest 15 photos I have ever taken. I take myself to be a bit of a talented photographer. There, did you learn something new about me? Cool, let’s go!

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