Blame China: Stock Market Panic January 2016 Edition

Blame China Stock Market Panic January 2016 EditionHere we go again: another round of doom and gloom as the markets swoon. The finger is being pointed at China for their volatile stock exchange and circuit breakers stopping trading there. Some speculate that it is a sign of China slowing down. Whatever. The market was volatile back in October 2014. It was volatile in August 2015. It was volatile in mid-December 2015. And it’s volatile now.  J.P. Morgan released an informative little “Guide to the Markets” at the end of the year. Yes, the same J.P. Morgan that I took vast amounts of clippings from the CEO’s letter in the 2014 annual report. But that is neither here nor there. Here are some slides I found interesting. Perhaps it will provide some perspective on all this doom and gloom prevailing in the financial media.

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Ownership in Some of the Best Businesses in the World is Starting to Look Very Attractive

About LondonI’ve only been writing since 2013 so I haven’t been able to go through blogging during a real market correction like in 2008. Some of the best businesses in the world are starting to look very attractive at fair-to-below-fair value. Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Berkshire Hathaway, Exxon, Chevron, etc. – high quality large cap companies that should make the foundation and backbone of any investors’ portfolio. These are some of the greatest companies in the world, minting money year after year after year. This is the time to go pick up some ownership in these incredible businesses. They are sitting there at fair value, or less than fair value. Could prices drop even further? Sure they could: you should expect +30% declines in quoted market price of your holdings in the markets. But remember, price ≠ value. And in this world, getting fair value for ownership in some of the best businesses in the world is not some great tragedy in life.

Outstanding Financial Pornography

Outstanding Financial PornographyI’m so giddy! No, not because it’s Thursday, silly. Want to know why? Because I can FINALLY use this picture I had so masterfully crafted over a year ago (yes, I am highly artistic as you can clearly see). The problem with this image was that when I created it, the market was red hot. Then it kept on getting hotter. I didn’t feel like I could use this and write until the markets started tumbling. And tumbling it has in the past week. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. So come join me for a pleasant introduction to financial pornography.

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