The Power of Asking: See Ya Later Bluehost, Hello BigScoots

I guess I was a little complacent. After renewing with Bluehost at the beginning of the year, a reader emailed and told me that I should ditch Bluehost for a different hosting provider. This was actually a solid idea, although complacency and sheer laziness had me not wanting to do anything further than renewing with Bluehost. I took a look around at one of the recommendations, BigScoots, and it honestly looked a million times better than Bluehost, and it was cheaper, and it allowed a 2 year contract.

So, I ended up putting a little bit of effort into cancelling Bluehost, getting my refund from Bluehost, migrating everything over to BigScoots, and getting acquainted with the new system.

BigScoots will actually take care of the migration process so you don’t really have to do much. One of the bigger challenges was getting the nameserver to point to BigScoots and to ultimately transfer that over from Bluehost to BigScoots. After some googling around, it was simple enough to figure out the steps.

In the end, some more effort was definitely put into moving on from Bluehost, but the cost savings, shorter contract terms, and absolutely faster hosting was worth it in the end.

Sometimes it pays to change your mind and put in a little elbow grease to get a better outcome.

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