The Travel Points Have Been Redeemed

the travel points have been redeemed

We finally did it. We’ve used up the bulk of the travel points we’ve collected over the past 2 and a half years on the Capital One credit card I’ve told you about for the past 2 and a half years to redeem absolutely for free 2 round trip, trans-atlantic flights over to London. The cost of those 2 roundtrip tickets were $2,134. Using 213,400 points, we erased the entirety of the purchase. And we still have about 13,000 points left. I think I calculated the net travel value incorrectly last time around: we’ve paid $360 in total fees, but since we get 10,000 annual bonus points (worth $100), the net fees we’ve paid to attain all these points has been $60. I hope that this 2 and a half year didactic exercise serves as a blueprint for structuring your life to uncover and exploit all the delicious opportunities that exist.

11 thoughts on “The Travel Points Have Been Redeemed

  1. Awesome stuff! I wish we had such good credit card hacking opportunities over here but we don’t.

    Anyway if you fancy a pint while your over here, let me know, I’m only down the road 😉

    1. I’ll definitely have to grab a pint with you and M from over at There’s Value.

      I’ll be all over the place as we are going to a friend’s wedding: London and Reading (and we may travel about up to Scotland as I stupidly chose to study rather than explore up there when I was living in London in 2010-2011). I’ll message you guys to get something together as April gets nearer.

      And I’m surprised the UK/Europe doesn’t offer the same kind of incentives for rewards cards? You guys surely have the population, income level, and competition amongst credit card companies to offer tantalizing deals?

      1. YAY you’re coming to England! I wonder whether maybe we can coincide our next FIRE Escape meetup with your visit…

        As to credit cards, we have some rewards cards but a lot of people don’t even use credit cards, and for all the talk of cashless technology and contactless payments, the majority of payments are still done in cash in the UK (although this is for low value purchases).

        I’m so looking forward to meeting you, I hope the weather will also be good. YAY

        1. That would be cool to meet up at one of your meetings!

          I think about 95% of all purchases are done through the cc now. Debit card if I somehow forget my credit card the rare blue moon. And finally cash if all else fails.

          Looking forward to getting together for pints with you fine Brits in April!

          1. Hey Kapitalust… Just wanted to mention I’ve left 3 comments on here recently and they all went into “moderation”!

            I think it’s cos I posted some links in the comments. Anyway just wanted to check that they haven’t gone into your spam comments folder because they were all proper comments, obviously!

            If you get time can you take a look for them?


          2. Dang just went into Disqus moderation (a place I rarely go to) and sure enough there were 3 comments by your waiting for moderation – they’ve all been approved so I’ll go read them now and reply!

            Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love getting either cash back or points from CC purchases. Use them for everything. I mean everything. $1.50 at MCD is put on a CC. Almost nothing on debit. Around Christmas the card we use for household purchases slams the cash back to us (what a nice treat!) and I think my other card collects points for Sony stuff. Which, whatever, good for a new TV every few years I guess!

    Also, since you are a fitness person, check out the app PACT. I’ve used it for a couple years now and its fun for “making” a little cash on the side while also making sure diet and fitness goals get taken more seriously.

    1. Ya everything, no matter what amount, goes through the cc. It makes tracking spending much smoother too as all the data is available at the click of a button.

      I’ll check out the app – thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I will endeavor to come by one of the FIRE meetings, and can guarantee at minimum a pint in central London as we will be there for a few days!

    Thank you for the link, just replied to your comment on the inflation article and now about to read the comment on the Oil/Energy one!

    1. As a frequent flyer for work, do you also collect loyalty points through the airlines? Have you been able to leverage even more travel points by paying for them through your personal card and also collecting airline loyalty points?

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