Winter Vacation to the Oregon Coast

I trailed off about going off on a little winter vacation to the Oregon Coast after a recent post on what most of you must have found riveting on simple discount cash flow analysis. This was a nice little reprieve from the double drudgery of winter and work. It was also a nice little warm up for our 3000km+ road trip to Omaha in April. We stopped by the quaint towns of Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Arch Cape. Here are some photos from the trip.



Our first stay was in the town of Seaside, Oregon. Maybe it was just because it was winter, but the town was faded, tired, and worn. For some reasonย the vibe I got while we were there was some strange combination of Coetzee and Lovecraft – slow, drawn out narrative of dusty, tired, sleepy towns. Aside from that, Seaside was pretty cool…


Yeah, pretty random. The carousel wasn’t the only random thing in this city. There were bumper cars, out-dated indoor mini golf, and tourist shops galore. But the coolest thing was…


A fricken ARCADE called Fun Land! It was amazing.ย We spent more money here (playing overpriced arcade games) than anywhere else in Seaside.


Remember when you were a kid and you went to the arcade and won these coupons? Then you cashed them in to get candy or fart bombs? Our 25 only got us 2 pieces of candy, but the trip down memory lane was the best part of it all.


The beach at Seaside. I’m sure it must be much more beautiful and lively during the summer time.


We found a jerky store (of all stores there could be) in Seaside and I had to try Alligator jerky. I remember crocodile tasting (and looking) a lot like chicken in South Africa. The alligator jerky was delicious, but I’m not sure it had a real distinct taste – like chicken? I said that I didn’t fell too bad eating the alligator since it could eat me. That’s not the distinction I draw when it comes to eating meat, but it made me feel better about eating the jerky.


I also brought along a ton of Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups as I am in the midst of reading up on The Hershey Company and having a product in hand (in mouth?) makes thinking of the investment much more tangible. It paired well with the alligator jerky. These were my all time favourites as a kid and I haven’t eaten Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups since childhood and let me just say, they are like crack.

On the road over to Cannon Beach and Arch Cape after our stay in Seaside. We didn't have any photos from Cannon Beach because it was absolute torrential downpour when we were in Cannon Beach.

On the road over to Cannon Beach and Arch Cape after our stay in Seaside. We didn’t have any photos from Cannon Beach because it was absolute torrential downpour when we were in Cannon Beach.


We stayed a few nights in Arch Cape: this was the beach a short walk from the place we were staying. This was my favourite shot of the trip. The panorama feature allowed me to capture the dramatic sunset.


And we say goodbye to the Oregon Coast, pack up, hit up Panera Bread once more, and head back home.

(We used Airbnb extensively throughout this trip and were pleased. We used Airbnb to book our place in Omaha as well and that also worked out very nicely, as all the hotels were booked up for the Berkshire weekend in mid 2014. We’ve had some great experiences with Airbnb and would highly recommend it.)

12 thoughts on “Winter Vacation to the Oregon Coast

    1. I didn’t mind Seaside, but the whole time I was there I felt like I was reading some descriptively depressing narrative of a faded, spent town in some horror novel. I half expected to see boarded up windows with sun-loathing, reptilian inhabitants darting between the shadows…. oops, there’s the Lovecraft influence. On second thought, Seaside is a little sad (except the arcade was wicked cool).

  1. Ahhhhh, the Oregon Coast is spectacular. Can’t wait to make it back there myself.

    We are road tripping it to Berkshire too. We’ll be in Chicago the week before the conference, but if you need a place to stay on the way back, we’d love to have you. We’re a bit north of Denver.

    1. Noooo we were totally planning on hitting up Colorado on the way back but our new plans are to visit friends in Winnipeg on the way home, so no Colorado ๐Ÿ™

      We must doubly make sure we meet up for some delicious craft beer over the Berkshire weekend!

  2. Nice photos. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you played The Oregon Trail before. We had it installed on my elementary school’s computers. I learned people used to get cholera, dysentery, and measles just by travelling. Yet today going to a new part of the world is a whole different experience, and is often quite enjoyable.

    Thanks for getting me interested in HSY. I did a bit of research after you told me about it the other day. I like how Hershey has licencing deals with other global chocolate makers. And as a dividend growth investor I’m really glad the dividend payments are increasing every year. You know what might be fun? We could both buy 20 or 30 shares each of HSY and just hold it. We could be business partners. On Dragon’s Den sometimes two dragons would partner up and pool their funds together to buy a larger equity stake in a company. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I was so mad I didn’t have cash ready when HSY dipped just below $100 on January 29 after earnings expectations were off by $0.02 a share. I had to settle the next day when I got my hands on some at a cost basis of ~$102. Snapping up HSY was a bit of a deviation from my plan (I’m working through a list), but it got attractively priced (in terms of within striking distance of fair value, not cheap by any means) that I decided to swoop in. I’m done buying HSY for now, unless it gets reeeeeally attractively priced. HSY is a holding that I will never sell.

      In fact, all the investments I am making are long term holdings. My general philosophy is to identify strong businesses at attractive prices and hold them forever. I leave the option to sell them if they become relatively overvalued or there are more attractive opportunities, but the general premise is to buy incredible businesses and be an owner for life. That’s the only way to act that makes rational and logical sense to me.

      Haha and yes, I do remember Oregon Trail – loved playing it on the old school Macs in elementary school. Played it more recently during college on an emulator on my then PC. I believe you can get the game as an app now. Pretty crazy how much life expectancy has changed in ~100 years. That’s progress for ya!

  3. Great panorama of the beach at Arch Cape – That iPhone 6 is paying dividends already I see ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We had a one nighter away at Clacton-On-Sea the other week which was nice – I really think you Americans got the hang of naming places a little more epically than us Brits ever have ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still a nice beachside town though – see nice pic here.

    Weather wasn’t quite as nice as that but we stayed dry which is the main thing this time of year eh!?

    1. The iPhone 6 is paying me more life enjoyment dividends than the cash dividends it would have generated for me as AAPL stock. Well, I suppose the capital gains on AAPL since Fall 2014 to now would have been nice too ๐Ÿ˜›

      Speaking of funny names and the UK, this is going to sound super immature, but I giggled incessantly at all the pubs that had the word “cock” in them. I remember one called “Ye Old Little Black Boy Pub” and just about had a fit (this was in Hull). Oh, you English are amazing.

      Weather wasn’t the greatest for us either – dreary and wet (which you Brits are all to familiar with). Quaint little seaside town!

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