Year in Review 2015

Year in Review 2015 b

Another year and I’m still kicking around. I guess I can’t go anywhere since I still have two years to go on all that hosting I bought up front last year. Let’s cut the small talk: you just want to snoop on some of the stats from 2015 and feel some schadenfreude. That, I can deliver. Let’s jump in. Here is the Year in Review 2015.



Year in Review 2015 1

Overall, we saw 43,115 total pageviews in 2015, which is down sharply from 69,154 in 2014. 2014 also saw longer average duration on the site, lower bounce rate, higher pages per session, and a larger number of returning visitors. You can see the 2014 stats here.

However, 2015 saw double the amount of unique visitors to 18,946 and a little under double the amount of sessions. And a higher percentage of visitors were new visitors, driven mainly by people entering through search results.

So 2015 saw a shift towards more organic, search driven traffic as opposed to other bloggers coming through via commenting back and forth on each others posts.

That is a deliberate change as I lost the interest and energy going around leaving shallow and superficial comments on other blogs. If you have the focus and energy, you can drive a lot of traffic through your blog by just going around and sprinkling shallow and superficial comments on literally all the blogs.


Most of you came from the US, followed by Canada. Russia in third is a huge head scratcher for me. I don’t think I’ve insulted Comrade Putin or the Soviet Union, so I don’t think it’s the Russian government’s online trolls.


Digging into the stats, it shows that 99% of traffic originating from Russia lands on the home page and just sits there for 13 minutes and 30 seconds. I’m left to conclude that Russians are searching around for Karl Marx and Das Kapital and are highly confused when they end up here, taking a sweet 13 minutes and 30 seconds to figure out their next move.


Moving on, most of you are male and most of you are in your mid-20s to mid-30s. Suffice to say…. sausage fest.


All in all, you guys tend be male, Millennials and Gen X, probably have no kids, make good money, have post-secondary education, and are highly likely to be Asian.


Some further breakdown on income, education level, and ethnicity.


And further breakdown on gender, age, and household composition.


A good chunk of you came via referral, followed by organic search.


Who referred you here? Rockstar Finance funneled a lot of you here. The next legitimate referrer was Lifehacker, when this post for some reason was featured on that site. Twitter was the main social media platform that I somewhat actively used to get some of you here. I have to give a shout out to 1500 Days for a lot of referrals in 2015.


Speaking of social media, while Twitter was the biggest referral source, Disqus actually had the largest impact. People coming through Disqus spent 4 times longer on the site than those from Twitter.


What did you search to get here? I just can’t believe some of the search terms that yield the highest average position in search results. Number one is incredibly sad and I am glad no one actually clicked on this site after searching those terms.


These are search terms categorized by largest amount of impressions. The post on Alice Schroeder and on Hydro One was killing it last year.


The best click through rate on search last year was my click bait worthy post titled Charlie Munger’s Secret Investing Formula. Hint: there is no secret investing formula. Well, actually, there is… but it’s not the kind of formula you are most likely searching for.


What were the most popular posts of 2015? That epic recap on paying off the student loans was number one. That one that got featured in Lifehacker for some reason. That other epic post on investing styles from 2014 apparently still has staying power.

I neglected my About page for a long time – and still kind of do – but the numbers show me that it has the lowest bounce and exit rate. First impressions there go a long way towards someone staying around to read your stuff. I should probably get on that in 2016.

In terms of revenue from the blog, let’s just say the ads and affiliate links generated enough to cover the hosting fees. I have yet to crack the code on becoming a blogging millionaire. I’ll share the secret with you if I ever discover it.


2015 was full of some wicked adventures.


We went on a little trip to the scenic Oregon coast in February.


We packed our bags for one of the most epic roadtrips we have ever done: Vancouver to Omaha and back. This counts as the longest roadtrip we have ever driven ourselves. But I don’t think it can top the 2 month trek around Southern Africa we traveled when we were 21, although we didn’t drive ourselves for that one.

Seeing all the vents and steams rising from the ponds and geysers made me think I was on a different planet.

Yellowstone was definitely one of the highlights on the way to Omaha. I almost dare to say it was cooler than the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

Pro Tip: Leave a little before lunch break to go grab some food, and come back into the stadium in the lower bowl when everyone else goes for lunch. Some people leave for good at this point and you can grab a prime seat like we did right near the floor seats facing centre.

I mean, ya it was cool in a nerdy way to see Buffett and Munger from afar. But the annual meeting was kind of a circus. Fun and entertaining, but lacking in anything much to do with knowledge and wisdom. I mean, how can it be anything too serious when you have 30,000 plus people in attendance.

The Winnipeg skyline was pretty beautiful.

We took the Canadian route back coming home from Omaha, stopping in Winnipeg to visit a good friend.

I joke that we are going to live on a boat like bohemians.

In the summer, a good friend from England came to visit. We went and did all the touristy things around Vancouver. It was like being a tourist in my own city.

Portland truly is the city for eccentricity and diversity of character.

We went on our annual trip to Portland.

Obligatory shot of the scenic place where government meets.

To end the year, we went over to Vancouver Island for a little vacation.

Finishing off 2015 checking out the Space Needle and the fireworks that ensued from it.

Then we crossed over to Seattle to visit some other good friends to say good bye to 2015 and ring in the new year.


Ever since I got a little paranoid about sharing financial information online – even in the face of anonymity – I’m not too sure how much I want to share with you guys.

I’ll say that our net worth grew by a compound annual growth rate of 52% in 2015.


This is what the asset mix was made up of by the end of 2015. If you look at prior posts, you will see that the pie chart has changed to encompass more of certain classes of assets and less of others.


I won’t tell you what companies we hold directly, but Morningstar has a great little app called Instant X-Ray that takes your holdings and spits out some stats. The above is based on our holdings.

Judgement Day 2020 2

That is the breakdown based on my own take on company sectors.


And this is what’s happened with the credit card points since we cashed the majority of it in for two round trip flights to London. Even after factoring in all the annual fees we’ve paid, we are still net positive on the card.


Well, I hope you got your fill snooping around. I know I don’t really talk too much about the more personal details anymore, so this is probably like a once in a year thing. There you have it: a review of some stats from 2015.

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  1. Looking great! Awesome progress. A trip to Omaha would be a blast from the west coast (I think I tried to play guess the car on that post, likely spiked your paranoia). Your writing is top notch so keep it going in 2016!

    1. Haha were you thinking Toyota Corolla? I’d be on edge if you knew what year it was though! Glad your enjoying it – I’ll try to get more analysis related stuff in 2016. I think a look into Apple is in order as my little brother recently got a job at the Apple store and was telling me about how he heard wild chatter in the back amongst his store employees about bailing out on Apple stock as its plunged below $100/share recently.

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